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Chemical Trust: Oxytocin Oxymoron?

Writing in the journal Nature, Michael Kosfeld and colleagues reported that intranasal administration of oxytocin, a human neuropeptide involved in maternal bonding, ?causes a substantial increase in trusting behavior, thereby greatly increasing the benefits from social interactions.?1 The double-blind study involved a trust game with real monetary stakes, in which the subjects played the role of ...

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Target Article

Is There a Problem With Enhancement?

This article examines arguments concerning enhancement of human persons recently presented by Michael Sandel (2004). In the first section, I briefly describe some of his arguments. In section two, I consider whether, as Sandel claims, the desire for mastery motivates enhancement and whether such a desire could be grounds for its impermissibility. Section three considers how Sandel draws the distin...

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Will the ?Real Boy? Please Behave: Dosing Dilemmas for Parents of Boys with ADHD

The use of Ritalin and other stimulant drug treatments for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) raises distinctive moral dilemmas for parents; these moral dilemmas have not been adequately addressed in the bioethics literature. This paper draws upon data from a qualitative empirical study to investigate parents’ use of the moral ideal of authenticity as part of their narrative jus...

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