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Moral conflict and competing duties in the initiation of a biomedical HIV prevention trial with minor adolescents

Amelia S. Knopf , Amy Lewis Gilbert , Gregory D. Zimet, Bill G. Kapogiannis, Sybil G. Hosek, J. Dennis Fortenberry, Mary A. Ott & The Adolescent Medicine Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions

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The use of an online comment system in clinical ethics consultation

Katrina Hauschildt, Trisha K. Paul, Raymond De Vries, Lauren B. Smith, Christian J. Vercler & Andrew G. Shuman

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Improving informed consent: Stakeholder views

Emily E. Anderson, Susan B. Newman & Alicia K. Matthews

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A randomized study of a method for optimizing adolescent assent to biomedical research

Robert D. Annett PhD, Janet L. Brody, David G. Scherer, Charles W. Turner, Jeanne Dalen & Hengameh Raissy

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Consent for organ donation after circulatory death at U.S. transplant centers

George E. Hardart, Matthew K. Labriola, Kenneth Prager & Marilyn C. Morris

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Main outcomes of an RCT to pilot test reporting and feedback to foster research integrity climates in the VA

Brian C. Martinson , David C. Mohr, Martin P. Charns, David Nelson, Emily Hagel-Campbell, Ann Bangerter, Hanna E. Bloomfield, Richard Owen & Carol R. Thrush

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