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Questioning the Moral Enhancement Project
Fabrice Jotterand

Among the types of human enhancement available in the near future, moral bioenhancement is perhaps one of the most controversial. Recent advances in neuroscience have allowed the alteration and manipulation of human behavior by means of neurotechnologies and psychopharmacology (Ferrucci & Priori 2014; Fregni et al. 2006; Nitsche et al. 2009). The ability to intervene in the brain, however...

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Target Article

Is There an Ethical Obligation to Disclose Controversial Risk? A Question From the ACCORD Trial
Joseph P. DeMarco, Paul J. Ford, Dana J. Patton & Douglas O. Stewart

Researchers designing a clinical trial may be aware of disputed evidence of serious risks from previous studies. These researchers must decide whether and how to describe these risks in their model informed consent document. They have an ethical obligation to provide fully informed consent, but does this obligation include notice of controversial evidence? With ACCORD as an example, we describe a ...

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Egalitarianism and Moral Bioenhancement
Robert Sparrow

A number of philosophers working in applied ethics and bioethics are now earnestly debating the ethics of what they term “moral bioenhancement.” I argue that the society-wide program of biological manipulations required to achieve the purported goals of moral bioenhancement would necessarily implicate the state in a controversial moral perfectionism. Moreover, the prospect of being able to rel...

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