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The One Health Approach to Zoonotic Emerging Infectious Diseases
Ariadne Nichol & David Magnus

In light of the continuing threat of emerging infectious diseases, as exemplified by the current Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we must carefully consider the ethical implications of different public health approaches. Seeking to find new innovative, ethical approaches to addressing the issue of emerging infectious diseases might not be the best strategy. Instead, reflecting o...

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Target Article

A Radical Approach to Ebola: Saving Humans and Other Animals
Sarah J. L. Edwards, Charles H. Norell, Phyllis Illari, Brendan Clarke & Carolyn P. Neuhaus

As the usual regulatory framework did not fit well during the last Ebola outbreak, innovative thinking still needed. In the absence of an outbreak, randomised controlled trials of clinical efficacy in humans cannot be done, while during an outbreak such trials will continue to face significant practical, philosophical, and ethical challenges. This article argues that researchers should also test t...

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Shrinking Poor White Life Spans: Class, Race, and Health Justice
Erika Blacksher

An absolute decline in US life expectancy in low education whites has alarmed policy makers and attracted media attention. Depending on which studies are correct, low education white women have lost between 3 and 5 years of lifespan; men, between 6 months and 3 years. Although absolute declines in life expectancy are relatively rare, some commentators see the public alarm as reflecting a racist co...

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