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Posted on September 21, 2008 at 9:56 AM

It turns out that no nicotine delivery device is good for you, even if it’s electronic. The World Health Organization has said that so-called “electronic cigarettes” are not effective and may even be poisonous, as reported in US News.

Sold around the world and masquerading as WHO-endorsed products, these fake “cancer sticks” are supposed to deliver a fine nicotine mist to those who need a fix but instead deliver a noxious mix of toxic chemical additives. No charismatic pitch from “Thank You for Smoking” can save these little gizmos–they are not for cessation, they are not nicotine alternatives, they are just plain dangerous.

At least these aren’t as dangerous as candy cigarettes. No kid is going to pick this up at a corner store to try to impress his or her friends. A battery powered mechanical cigarette with an orange LED doesn’t really send off that Joe Cool vibe. Now we just have to make sure that adults just say no, too.

Summer Johnson, PhD

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