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It’s Not August! But The August Issue of AJOB is Already Online at

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Now available at is the August issue of The American Journal of Bioethics.

This month’s issue contains articles ranging in topics from organ conscription and whether the US ought to have an opt-out system for organ donation and a number of thought experiments supporting that position by Delaney and Hershenov. Their conclusion? Consent for organ donation? Why bother?

Liao et al. discuss whether there is a duty to disclose adverse events in clinical trials and conclude that perhaps the best solution is a regulatory one: a database to list all adverse events that is publicly available. Will it work? Will it happen? We don’t know. But it certainly is creative.

Ballantyne et al. ponder the question as to whether it is ethical to offer prenatal genetic diagnosis in countries where there is no access to abortion. Is the knowledge ultimately harmful to the parents? Simply useless? Or is it in someway useful?

Whatever you are interested in, early and available now check out this month’s issue here on Plus, be sure to note the cover art from Denver, CO artist David Foox whose organ donor toys are one of a kind in the world. To read more about them, click here.

Summer Johnson, PhD

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