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Caplan asks, “Does ‘super’ salmon pass the sniff test?”

In his MSNBC column this week, Arthur Caplan wonders whether the ado over the “AquaAdvantage” salmon is overblown, but ultimately comes down on the side of consumer disclosure.

“So, should you fear this fish?” Caplan asks. “In terms of eating, I don’t think so. In terms of environmental risk, maybe a little bit.”

All I keep thinking about is that hilarious scene from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life involving the infamous “canned salmon” in the salmon mousse. Perhaps a 21st century update of that scene would need to involve “Darling, you didn’t use GMO salmon, did you?”

In any case, you can read Caplan’s column here and watch Monty Python below.

Summer Johnson, PhD

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