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Posted on February 4, 2011 at 11:33 AM

On Point of Inquiry, Art Caplan discusses how bioethics has “come of age” and what questions are likely to engage the field in the future. The interview with Chris Mooney is one not to miss.

Favorite quotes:

“[Palin’s] death panels are pure malarkey. But we have death panels now: they are called insurance company benefit panels.”

“At the end of the day people aren’t going to be interested in cloning humans. They will be interested in engineering them–to improve our genes, tweak our genes, enhance ourselves through diet or implants.” In other words, why clone the same old person you already have when you can get a better one through genetic manipulation, Crestor, organic foods and a conventional plastic surgery or even better stem cell transplants?

Summer McGee, PhD

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