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Bioethicist Publishes Innovative eBook

Dr. David Perlman has just published a new bioethics thriller on the Kindle platform. At the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Dr. Perlman teaches clinical ethics. At the University of the Sciences, Dr. Perlman teaches public health ethics, law, and policy in the Department of Health Policy and Public Health and business ethics in the Department of Pharmaceutical Business. The novel examines issues of research and technology from these two academic perspectives in the fast-paced, innovative format of a medical thriller. The innovative part is that the reader gets to make the ethical choices throughout the novel, so there are multiple alternative endings to the book. Plus, Dr. Perlman is hoping to use social media to generate book club discussions about the issues presented in the novel through a crowdsourcing contest. Below is the description of the book from and information on the book and the contest. Anyone with a Kindle or a device capable of using the Kindle App (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.) can get the eBook. Congratulations, Dr. Perlman!



The year is 2022, and  bioethics has come full circle. Learn how guerrilla bioethicist, Maria Vasquez, infiltrates the medical tourist transplantation operation of Dr. Wallace Jefferson and what happens when she discovers that Jefferson’s illegal operating room in former US base Guantanamo Bay has become a new base of operations for Dr. Zoltan Zaros’ stateside fertility clinic Pregnancy Viability Systems, Inc.

For complete details about the book and the contest, visit

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